Landscape Quilts

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Old Fashioned Window
10 1/2 in x 12 1/2 in
Organza, extraVorganza, pattern by Bonnie Langenfeld
A window framed in lace curtains reflects a park across the street.

Sunset over Shelburne Point.jpg

Sunset over Shelburne Point
11 in x 4 in
Transfer Artists Paper
Gorgeously brilliant sunsets this past year inspired me to make this tiny quilt from a photo looking over Lake Champlain and Shelburne Point.


Autumn I.jpg

Autumn I
8 1/2 in x 11 in
Snippet quilt
The colors of Autumn in Vermont are glorious – reds,
oranges, yellows, and purples.


Bastet at Karnak

18 in x 24 in


Raw edge applique

Bastet the Egyptian cat looks down a long corridor in the temple of Amun-Ra at Karnak, Egypt.


Ocean I.jpg

Ocean I

8 in x 15.5 in


Raw edge applique

Gentle swells of the ocean on a calm summer day.


Ocean II.jpg

Ocean II

8.5 in x 19.5 in


Raw edge applique, Prismacolor pencil

Breaking  waves on a summer day at sea.


Ocean III.jpg

Ocean III

6.25 in x 8.25 in


Raw edge applique, ink

Stormy day at sea.


3D Windsweptb.jpg


24 in x 18 in x 2 in


3-D construction, 3-D applique

Gnarly windswept tree on a rocky shore.


White Birds.jpg

10,000 Islands Horizon

20 in x 12 in


Raw edge applique, silk roving, Prismacolor pencil

White pelicans hang out on a  spit of sand in Florida.



Beach Sunrise

17 in x 22 in


Raw edge applique, beading, hand dyed fabric, painted geese

From the darkness of night the first bright rays of the sun set the beach sand to sparkle and reveals geese on the lake.



Lady of the Lake

21 in x 25 in


Raw edge applique, embroidery, beading, thread painting, silk roving

The lady offers flowers to a seagull as fish, ducks, turtle and geese watch.