Artist Statement

Imitating nature with fabric and thread can be very challenging and is what I enjoy most in creating my wall art quilts.


Everything from the clouds in the sky to the bee on a flower is photographed.  The chosen photograph is enlarged on my home computer and traced onto freezer paper. Then the real fun begins - picking out the textiles, fabrics, fibers, embellishments, and techniques to be used for the art quilt.  Backgrounds are pieced or fusible raw edge appliqued. Smaller pieces of the scene, flowers or animals are applied to the background with fusible raw edge applique.  Even smaller objects are fabric painted. 


Inspiration also comes from the fabrics themselves.  A fabric with teal green and blue horizontal striations just calls for a sea with lush green islands falling away into the distance.


Fabrics and threads of all kinds are used.  Quilting is done on my home machine or long-arm machine.  Thread sketching and/or thread painting usually plays a role in my quilts.  Yarns, beads, crystals, etc. create additional texture and detail.


My favorite quilts are the ones that are brightly colored, detailed and took a long time to make.